Modem Studio is a graphic design studio working in the fields of print and web. Founded in 2012 by Belgian graphic designer Pieterjan Grandry the studio is based in Berlin and works for international cultural and commercial institutions and private clients. With attention to detail, fonts, paper, inks and all of the material aspects involved in the process we focus on quality and aim towards creating beautiful tactile objects. All of the sites we make benefit from choosing the perfect CMS, as each website serves different needs we make a big effort in choosing the right one for each project. We are aware of the power of social media integration, the future of HTML5, and follow the current trends in web-use, that is why all of our websites are fully responsive and adjusted for mobile devices and tablets.

Modem Studio

Inh. Pieterjan Grandry
Urbanstraße 64
2. Hinterhof
D-10967 Berlin